Dare to Compare

Why Certified Pre-Owned and Duke Pre-Owned

All of our Certified Pre-Owned and Duke Pre-Owned vehicles in Suffolk Va are of the highest quality condition possible. Mr. Ray Duke taught us that a pre-owned vehicle deserves attention and to make sure the customer is getting a great vehicle in the best condition. We sell used cars, SUV’s and trucks to people from Franklin, Chesapeake, Smithfield, Norfolk, Windsor, Virginia Beach and more! Take a minute to read below what you can expect at Duke! Come compare us and see why Duke is the choice!

Our People

Our team is made up of a bunch of really nice people here to help you, it’s that simple! But don’t just take our word for it, read our reviews to learn why so many have had a great experience at Duke!

Mechanical & Safety Inspections

We offer GM Certified Pre-Owned and our Duke Pre-Owned. Each vehicle goes through a 125+ point inspection process that looks at major and minor components plus all safety equipment and components. We fix anything we find wrong, so you don’t have to! And we share with you the actual repairs report that our certified ASE shop preformed on the vehicle! Just ask us for the vehicle inspection report!

The Cleanest Vehicles Around

Repeatedly we are told “your cars are the nicest we’ve seen”! We do dare you to compare the quality of our pre-owned vehicles to any other dealer. You will find that our vehicle’s stand above the rest, which means you can buy with confidence and smile driving in a super nice vehicle!

Our Prices

We’re not a bunch of fast-talking guys in slick suits and gold chains trying to take every last dime you worked hard for. We value price our vehicles according to market conditions to give you the best up-front price possible. We use software that helps us see what other like vehicles in the area are priced and we try to be the leader to give you the best value. Of course sometimes we are a little higher, we might have a car with half the mileage as the market, or more equipment. But rest assure if it is a little more, its because it has more options or better mileage, which makes it again a better value to you.